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Ai2Ai Testimonial from Kate Yurenda of Dream Bold Network

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

An inspirational video about how Kate incorporates Ai2Ai's new device, PALL0 in her Qi Gong and moving meditation exercises.

"Hi, I'm Kate. I'm the founder of Dream Bold Network, a conscious media production company and we are all about mainstreaming ancient healing modalities. So I actually teach manifesting Qi Gong, which is a moving meditation, it matches and mirrors nature. It's a very innate practice.

I also pair that with Reiki healing and mindset coaching. And what's recently come into my awareness is how we can add the technology to the ancient healing practices.

So specifically, Ai2Ai technology. So as we all know that technology can often make us fell isolated, makes us feel really distant and disconnected from each other. Whereas, when we put that with these healing practices and we make it all about how we evolve our energy fields and how we amplify our energy, that's when the magic can show up, when we take the modern day technology, the power of technology and we pair that with the wisdom and the practices that I teach.

That's when anything is possible so specifically, we're trying to help people that have physical disabilities or people that may be don't understand vibration frequency and energy and to make this like really fun and really interesting so I'm just very curious to see what's possible with this technology, what we're capable of and where we can go with this. It's really a way to connect humanity and I believe in this vision and I'm just really excited to see where this goes."

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