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Ai2Ai Testimonial with Grant Mathis

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Inspirational video about Grant Mathis, an actor who practices personal physiotherapy for rehabilitation and pain management. Grant has begun to include in his daily routine of exercises the use of Ai2Ai's new device, PALL0.

"Hi there. My name is Grant. I have a background performing in athletics. Umm, I've got some significant injuries because of all that and I have arrived at is my own form of therapy which is mainly stretching and a variation of yoga.

I'm not real interested in dealing with a lot of screens, a lot of batteries, a lot of chargers, a lot of wearables. I'm not an early adopter, so I'm not gonna try things, and throw them away. I just, I don't have the bandwidth for all of that.

I don't wanna, you know, distracting me and taking me out of the moment at the beach for instance.

What I have found is that the Ai2Ai device which aggregates all of those different devices and possibilities to one device that tracks my movement and my breathing so that I'm able to stay on focus with my own treatment or therapy.

It's like an accountability buddy, it keeps me on focus. When I start getting distracted, I'm a human being, well that's the condition. We tend to get distracted and it helps me get back to my meditation by slowing down my movement and focusing my breathing, in the pattern, in the range that I want."


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