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Ai2Ai enabling the Mural Lovers community to share!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

An inspirational video about how Lidia is able to share the murals and street art of her city, with the street art enthusiasts community.

“Hi, I'm Lidia. I'm working to be a storyboard artist, and I also work on a commercial based on Rick and Morty, and I really want to work in the animation industry later on.

So this is a PALL0 device, and I created an app for it because I'm really fascinated by murals, especially in L.A. So there's an app for you to track down and guide you to murals. This PALL0 device, it's very easy to use.

Basically, if you find a new mural that's really interesting and you'd like to share it with everyone else, just press it, and then it'll automatically share your location of that mural to everybody else in the whole community so people can go see it as well.

And then those people, they can use the PALL0 device to guide them to that mural by vibrations, like lighting, LED lighting and even like voice, everybody can share information and then create a whole like, mural loving community. Yeah, it's so simple."

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