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Predicell x PALL0 Market

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Our new device PALL0 is disruptive technology that is designed as a tool for well-being, education, gaming, and medical diagnostics fields. Our collaboration with PREDICELL shows how versatile the device can be, freely integrated by developers globally.

There is always a need for new innovative ways to collect data in medical diagnostics. PALL0 is the interactive solution professionals have been looking for.

"We don't know the exact size of the market yet. But according to my estimates the rehabilitation costs of cerebral injury patients in the nursing field alone in Finland is around 1 billion € a year.

In addition, we have to calculate the cost of required tools, rehabilitation of brain injury or stroke (cerebral infarct) and other cardiac patients, and so on. The indirect costs amount to 100 billion € a year, so having Pall0 lower the costs dramatically can be compared to an unemployed person winning the lottery.

AI2AI solved a big problem."


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