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Korpi ForRest with Ai2Ai

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Introducing our new device PALL0, a disruptive Ai technology that is purposed for well-being, education, gaming and medical diagnostics and more. Our collaboration with KORPI FORREST, shows how versatile the device can be, freely integrated by developers globally. KORPI FORREST support the wellness of their human resources, with the assistance of PALL0.

"My name is Mikko and I am from Korpi ForRest where it is our mission to help the world's 1 billion knowledge workers to improve management of their cognitive workload and therefore be more creative, innovative, and if desired more efficient.

Using the latest sensor technology, working together with Ai2Ai, we developed a unique way of combining motivational measurement and the human inherent way of being on the move and taking short breaks which boosts productivity.

Together with Ai2Ai and PALL0's genuine AI, Korpi ForRest is now able to reach those 1 billion knowledge workers around the world."


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