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Fiber Highway & Ai2Ai

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Introducing our new device PALL0, a disruptive technology that is purposed for well-being, education, gaming and medical diagnostics. Our collaboration with FIBER HIGHWAY, shows how versatile the device can be, freely integrated by developers globally.

With this application PALL0 supports and improves social wellness in the workplace.

"Fiber Highway is a telecommunications company that specializes in technology and the construction and maintenance of data centers. The profile of the company is perhaps the most important thing if you want to recruit the best employees and our company has invested a lot in that.

Together with Ai2Ai, we improve social well-being at work in real time because we want to be pioneers in supporting well-being of our staff.

With many different features, Ai2Ai's authenticity with this device is achieved through play and through development we can find even more new dimensions in it to improve social well-being in the work place."


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