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Ai2Ai is Karting ready!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

PALL0 technology improves the karting experience, putting the drivers ahead of the competition by collecting data in real time.

"I have twenty years experience in karting and now my son Santeri and I have been visiting circuits around Finland for the past four years. This year we have left, only the World Champion Race which takes place in December.

Due to Santeri's success, we will go to Bahrain to compete at the Rotax Kart Grand Finals. The race is globally renowned. I'm an IT engineer, hence we started to work in collaboration with Ai2Ai in order to create a new digital sensor device, suited for use at all karting circuits around the world.

Our vision of the future with Ai2Ai, is for a device that is able to measure all usable data in real-time. In this way, we can be even faster here in Finland and at competitions around the world."


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