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When: September 29 -30, 2023 (Optional seminar September 28)
Where: Reykjavík University (HR)
Cost: Free

Welcome to the Hack for Wellness hackathon event where both developers and business innovators will be able to show their talent and creativity developing ideas for the new PALL0 interactive device. The PALL0 is an interactive AI/IoT ball that has all the sensory capabilities of a smartphone, and can be used alone, with other devices, with AR/VR, as well as other uses like a gaming controller.  More about the PALL0 device


The hackathon has 2 tracks, one for developers and the other for business innovators.
Prizes will be given to the winning teams by a jury of experts (more below).


Requirements for Developer Track:

  • IT Student at Reykjavik University - or -

  • Professional developer at sponsor company - or -

  • Rogue developer

Skills: Python, Visual coding


Requirements for Business Track:

  • Business Student at Reykjavik University - or -

  • Professional business developer at sponsor company - or -

  • Professional innovator / investor

Skills: Business models, marketing, brand strategy, etc.



Thursday September 28

17:00 - 19:00

Room M-101

Kick-off seminar
"Icelandic Kids and Wellness in the Digital Age"



September 29

16:30 - 19:00

Rooms V-105/108

Hacking for Wellness

Orientation and workshops for Hackathon


September 30

10:00 - 18:30

Rooms V-105/108

Hacking for Wellness

Hackathon, demos and awards

The hackathon takes place over 2 days. 

  • Day 1  Friday September 29 16:00-19:00: Orientation about the PALLO device and preparation workshops for the teams. 

  • Day 2  Saturday September 30 10:00-18:00: Hacking, demos and awards. 


You must participate both days. Registrants not participating in Day 1 will not be admitted to Day 2.


You can register alone or request to be on a team with another registrant in the registration form.                   

LIMITED SPACE! There will be a limit of 8 teams of up to 4 people on each team. Don’t miss this chance to test your skills and creativity and win some really cool prizes! 

Kick-off seminar (free)

For inspriation, you may want to attend the seminar abour Kis and Wellness in the Digital Age.

More on that here.

Light Bulbs


Researching and Writing


Digital wallet on phone


The competition starts in xy, and the winners are announced during a big startup event held simultaneously in Los Angeles, Singapore, and Helsinki. Competitors can participate in up to three different categories :

1. Best Idea is created by any visionary who comes up with an idea. 

2. Best Demo requires the device and coding for creating and showcasing a fully functional demo together with Pall0 developer kit and developer software.


3. People's Choice is selected by users on social media. The top 30 best ideas will be selected to participate in public pitch sessions, and the social media audience will vote for the winner. (Fall 2022)

We will accept new competitors throughout the year. The deadline for all new competitors is October 30, 2022. The Jury includes top level and influential professionals from around the world.

Create an idea or demo in these four business areas

Video Game
Creative Agency
Science Class

All teams have a chance to get their idea either sold to the device manufacturer or form a license fee-based business model with them. 


  1. Ideas are faster to generate and have the potential for early-stage consultation prizes.

  2. Demo development requires more effort, but can have potential funding earlier.

  3. Ready-made products require more preliminary work, yet business model agreements have the potential to produce a profit from the day one of the release. 


The goal is to create ideas to digitalize and/or gamify wellbeing or services in the health related sector. There are limitless possibilities to create a concept that leads to a  happier and healthier lifestyle.




You can represent a software company, be an individual engineer, or a creative artist. With our model everyone with a great idea can enter this global contest and create a successful future.

Engineers Pointing At Something
A young woman talking on the radio


It is like an any activity band on the wrist or finger but this device people will carry with them only when they want to.

The best motion sensor can recognize & measure every movement. Digitalized 3D movement data can be used to create new services.

web_pic2 copy.jpg
web_pic2 copy.jpg

Data can be connected through API to third party interface (games, online platforms, other device interfaces)

The device can be covered with various accessories to make it into a bigger ball, it can be attached to a keychain or stuffed inside a plushie. It truly has limitless possibilities. 


The Pall0 Device Starts a New Responsible Digitalization

We have developed this device to make a better world. We have enhanced the capabilities to scan for potential cancer cells. We want to give all online players incentives in exchange for physical movement. We want to take all sports and activities online with a simple device that uses no interface. We will revolutionize digitalization and gamification. You can be part of it with your own idea.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage in a meaningful, responsible, and sustainable development. As a result there are opportunities to make good income or more...


To learn more watch the videos below. To learn more about business sectors Go to explore the potential markets.

Video Channel Name
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What are the requirements for the ideas

All ideas have to use more than one of Pall0's hardware features. To understand the capabilities of the hardware you must learn all the functions of the device. This open-source hardware is the most sophisticated device to measure all types of movement and to interact with the user and/or with other devices. 

Only the sky is the limit of your imagination when using the device and its features. Visualize it as a new smartphone. The ideas and applications you create are just like smartphone applications. In this case Pall0 is the “smartphone” and your ideas are the applications.


Check out some examples of ideas that are already in the process of being executed. We want you to be inspired as much as we are. Now is a chance to create something that really has an impact on many lives for years to come!


Computer Sketch_edited.jpg

Business Influencer

Ingi Björn, CTO 

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

September 21

Computer Sketch_edited.jpg

Wellness Professional

Sigurður Sigmundsson, SAFT

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

September 21

Computer Sketch_edited.jpg

Tech Influencer

Henrik CEO, Founder, Ai2Ai

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

September 21

Computer Sketch_edited.jpg

Creative Influencer

Magga Dóra, CEO

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

September 21

We are fortunate to welcome highly influential professionals in their respective fields as our jury. Our aim is to inspire creative people who have a vision to work with innovative hardware. The jury is required to evaluate and recognize all details in the ideas submitted.

Reserve your chance to change the future


1.  Applicants may submit one or several applications, but each submission must be unique. An applicant /team may join in more than one team as long as each team submits a unique pre-proposal application.

2. Projects that have previously won the Big Ideas award are not eligible to submit a pre-proposal application for the same project.

3. The Team Lead (primary applicant) must be an actual person or/and an eligible legal entity. The applicant  will be the primary point of contact for all contest communications and have final authority for all decisions related to the contest. 





Be in the Know

Should you have any questions regarding our products or cooperation? Please do not hesitate to send us  an email. 

Thanks for submitting!

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