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Who We Are

Our team combines engineering knowledge from Finland with Hollywood style storytelling. Our focus is to meet the real needs of users with the latest technology.

Our culture combines the no-nonsense Finnish work ethic that values honesty and transparency with passion and dedication to guiding technological progress towards a path that benefits all stakeholders.


We dream big because we do big.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make gamification and digitalization fun with healthy interactions leading towards an inspiring future. 

Building new category leading solutions with cutting edge technology leaves room for endless possibilities in many business sectors. We focus on doing things ethically with the right people. We know that we have created a new phenomenon for a worldwide audience. This is the revolution that everyone knew was coming, but no one knew what it would be. Our team's background comes from developing top-of-the-line sensor technology all over the the world.

Core Values


We inspire all top level creative engineers and developers to join our movement.


We believe that fun should be at the core of all things.


Instead of filling the world with disposable tech junk, we create technology that can be updated, reused, and adapted to your individual needs.

My Data

Use whenever you want and share only data you want to share.

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